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زوال إسرائيل عام 2022م

كتاب خاص (خطير) بأسلوب مختلف، يحتوي على: رسوم بيانية، خرائط زمنية، جداول إحصائية، معادلات رقمية ووصفية، ورسوم توضيحية فيما يخص حقيقة قدوم وعدة الآخرة عام 2022م. يقوم الكتاب على فكرة عمل تحليل شامل لما ستكون عليه الأحداث القادمة حتى موعد تاريخ زوال إسرائيل والذي تم استقراءه عددياً من سورة الإسراء. وبعبارة أخرى، سيفترض هذا الكتاب صحة النبوءة، ومن ثم يقوم بتحليل وتوضيح الأحداث التي ينبغي أن تحدث بشكل طبيعي حتى ذلك التاريخ الموعود وبكل تجرد وموضوعية مستخدماً في ذلك كل المعارف الضرورية المتنوعة من الناحية الفلسفية والتحليلية الترابطية للحصول على أفضل رؤية ممكنه وعادلة ..




The website is dedicated to highlighting the wedding officiant and other clergy services of Dr. Al Taylor who is an Associate Minister of LoveNotes Weddings-DFW Clergy Services. It allows Brides and Grooms of Texas to connect with Rev.Taylor whose desire is to assist them with creating a unique wedding ceremony that reflects their dreams and wishes for their special day.



Satanists do NOT see themselves as "worshiping evil." Rather, most Satanists associate Satan with such values as pride, independence, individuality, knowledge, achievement, thinking for oneself, and exploring unknown and forbidden realms. Furthermore, contrary to the portrayal of Satanism in horror movies and sensationalistic tabloids, the vast majority of Satanists do NOT see any need to sacrifice animals or commit violent crimes in the name of Satan. There are many kinds of Satanists.


Flagstaff Ministry

Our close, caring community is a non-denominational church that follows God's Word and puts the Bible into practice in our lives. We are located in Flagstaff, Arizona, as a part of the International Churches of Christ.


This site is design to encouraged Christian families to believe God about marriage restoration. It doesn't matter if you face adultery, addictions the word of God is all you need. There are devotionals, marriage testimonials, and prayer request available to assist you.


Joy Persian Church,christian,christianity,Iranian

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Contacto con Dios por mail en privado

Pregúntale a Dios y Recibí Respuestas privadas por mail El Libro de la vida en PDF | Mensajes de Dios - Te Acompaña En La Vida



through the grace of GOD we are encouraged to promoting kindness in everyway possible. A pleasant smile, and a good-morning, to someone you pass bye on the streets or in the supermarket. Reading a good book, and be inspired by it. Watching a movie with friends and family, all these are great encountered, which helps us to promote kindness in the simplest of ways.


Institute Of Indigenous Alchemy - Ashley Brothers

We offer healing sessions and workshops in indigenous shamanic healing techniques from throughout the world. You can go to website for descriptions of healing sessions and classes, as well as our calendar of events. You can also custom create your own private training groups. We offer Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Compassionate Depossession, Divination, Mediumship, Dying Consciously, Chakra Illumination and much more.