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Independent help with Home Theater, Video and Audio components (speakers, receivers,amps, processors, surround sound, TV's , computers, cable and satellite equipment and plans, cellphones and cellphone plans, acoustics, lighting and lighting control, home automation, portable devices like headphones, tablets, DAC's, cables. Home Electronics, I can give buying advice, research and design. I love to research what I don't already know but in my 37 years in the field, I became an expert in everything electronics. Free Service, advice only.


Discover Digest, KJ International Tours

DISCOVER DIGEST is a travelogue created by KJ International Corp., a Hawaii based company providing travel services to Asia. The show began with in-depth coverage of South Korea with hosts, David Lim and Angie Park. Discover Digest expanded on its third season with episodes to Philippines and Taiwan. Discover Digest thrives to share new destinations with constant research to develop the ideal travel experience to Asia.


The Everything Fantasy and Science Fiction Blog

Your ultimate stop for everything fantasy and science fiction. Join in on the blog about fantasy and science fiction movies, video games and more. Purchase awesome science fiction and fantasy merchandise to help support the blog.