Kathryn Breen Counselling


We specialise in a wide range of Counselling subjects, from PERSON CENTRED, DOMESTIC ABUSE, COGNETIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY, HYPNO-PSYCHOTHERAPY, we operate throughout Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Bolton Wigan and the surrounding areas, our counsellors are experts and are Qualified Professional Counsellors with a wealth of experience in their fields


Dr Helen Pennock


Dr Helen Pennock is a retired medical doctor who now devotes herself to health coaching, working in a caring and sensitive way with people who are learning to cope with their health concerns. By giving health the time it deserves, she believes a rewarding, personal transformation in self-care and lifestyle behaviours can be created. Typical changes that a person might like to work on include finding an enjoyable way of exercising, adopting healthy foods and eating habits, becoming a non-smoker, drinking alcohol sensibly, relaxing when stressed and coping with illness.


Addiction Rehabilitation in Calgary Alberta


Providing addiction rehabilitation for people and families. Using professionals to assist people through detox, rehab planning, physical and mental activities, education on addictions, family counselling, individual counselling. People do not have to leave their families or work to be in the program just a desire to stop addictive behaviour. Confidential, individualized and family centred. Alternative health therapies like meditation, Reiki, message will also be part of your new life.




Professional personal training facility. Highest certification achievements available. We offer supervised performance conditioning training sessions and medical supervised conditioning sessions. Tony specializes in Exercise Physiology and uses the science to prescribe exercise as a medicine to heel. It is a very holistic approach system. Tony works closely with surgions for pre and post surgery, receives referral from Chiropractors and Physiotherapists to provide exercise protocols that will further enhance recovery from injury or help people live better that suffer from chronic pain. Tony also specializes in Motor Vehicle Accident victims where he services Section B automobile insurance claims.




Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, custom orthotics, Custom Braces, Concussion, Vestibular Rehab, Urinary Incontinance, Blocked milk ducts, Motor Vehicle accidents, COUNSELLING SERVICEs, TMJ pain, Acupuncture,Back pain, neck pain,Arthritis, Sports Injuries, Pre and Post surgical rehab, Pain Managment,


Express DOT Physicals


Express DOT Physicals has multiple locations in Atlanta, Decatur, morrow and Lithia Springs near Fulton Industrial. Walk Ins Welcome and there is Ample truck parking. Fast, courteous service will get you in and out of the office fast! Our D.O.T. Physicals keep your wheels turning so you can keep earning!