MegaLED Technology Sydney

Based in Sydney, Mega LED Technology provide solution for short term, long term or Permanent Installations of LED screens.


Independent help with Home Theater, Video and Audio components (speakers, receivers,amps, processors, surround sound, TV's , computers, cable and satellite equipment and plans, cellphones and cellphone plans, acoustics, lighting and lighting control, home automation, portable devices like headphones, tablets, DAC's, cables. Home Electronics, I can give buying advice, research and design. I love to research what I don't already know but in my 37 years in the field, I became an expert in everything electronics. Free Service, advice only.



We Provide Products on wholesale ,Retail & after sale services. We take care of all your all Technology and Security needs. Computer hardware, networking, Bio Metric , CCTV & Security Solutions can be complicated when fixing, intergrating new Products or buying a new system


Electronics R' Us

We specialize in Computer Repair, Computer Maintenance, Data Recovery, System Upgrades & Optimizations, Virus & malware Removal, Computer Diagnostics, Software Upgrades & optimization, Laptop Repair Service, Laptop Screen Repair, iPad Repair, PC Service Repair, Mobile Phone repair, Tablet repair, IPhone, IPad, iPod, Asus, LG, or Samsung Galaxy screen repair, LED TV's, LCD TV repair, Plasma TV repair, if you need some specific Computer parts or TV parts they have to be ordered and usually takes 3-5 working days.


IT Support Hardware projectors printers network,

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