GCSE and A-level tutoring in maths and physics


Tutoring is a growing method for securing your children's future, however, it is expensive. We are different, we use small class tutoring to drive down the costs and open tutoring up to a larger public. We aim to bridge the unfortunate gap left in student's education by using only university level educated specialists with experience in delivering GCSE and A-level revision in maths and physics.




The PeggWatch GPS tracking watch for children is a state of the art GPS tracker. From your mobile phone or your computer you will be able to track your children, should they go missing or be in danger. You will be the first to know if your child ever needs your help, from a touch of the SOS button your child will be able to alert you immediately if they are in need of assistance.


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WCE House of Victory


The Express House of Victory, or simply the "House of Victory", is the 1st of 4 planned facilities that will be used to further the WCE mission by providing a fixed location for academic and athletic training, instruction and assistance for youth and young adults alike. As Houston's premier place to train for the next level in baseball and softball, the House of Victory is your all-in-one place to be.